Turkey’s largest ‘Smart Parcel Network’ pudo
makes it easy to pick up parcels from thousands of points any time of the day!

Turkey’s largest ‘Smart Parcel Network’ is a technological service that allows users to choose pudo as their preferred delivery address when making online purchases as well as during the parcel delivery stage with the option to change delivery address.

Choose your pudo as the delivery address for all your purchases

There’s a pudo near everyone…

Smart pudo’s are widely available and easily accessible for millions within a maximum walking distance of 500 meters in the city’s main thoroughfares, mass residential areas, universities, Business Centers and shopping centers

pudo believes in the privacy of all parcels…

pudo’s are safe for the distribution of parcels with its robust structure designed to resist vandalism and a 24/7 camera system.

Choose pudo for the best customer experience…

pudo ensures that picking up and returning parcels is a flexible and seamless process through its 24/7 availability and provides users the best customer experience by distributing parcels using a QR code or password.

how to use pudo?

All parcels are delivered 24/7 through pudo!

In the city, in shopping malls, in business centers! pudoPOINT’s everywhere!

Safe service for everyone through contactless delivery!

Don’t wait for your parcels, make your parcels wait for you with pudo.

The best customer experience with pudo!

pudo offers you a positive experience by ensuring that you pick up your parcels easily and smoothly. It provides excellent customer experience by removing the limits in the delivery process. It allows you to access your parcels whenever and wherever you want.

location independent

Individual users pick up from pudo at their chosen location without the hassle of waiting at home. It allows our cargo/courier partners to drop off parcels at one go.

tracking system

From the moment the first order is placed, all users can track the parcels through the application and website with a special interface design, and make sure that the parcels are delivered to pudo safely.

address privacy

By pudo’s, the obligation to share personal address information is eliminated.

insurance against loss and theft

Parcels are safe against theft, loss, etc. in pudo. It is monitored with a 24/7 camera system.


Deliveries are dropp off at pudo’s by our cargo/courier partners without contact and hygiene concern, while individual users pick up their deliveries safely.

environmentally friendly

Multiple parcels are dropped off to pudo’s at pudoPOINT centers at once. It reduces the number of vehicles used in the last mile delivery processes, thus reduces carbon emissions.