Our vision is to be a regional player that combines its expertise with international experience by having the largest “Smart parcel network” in Turkey with its innovation centered approach and value-added services.


Our mission is to provide innovative smart parcel management services supported by technology, that add a value to the society and the environment, that aim the best customer experience with an understanding of unconditional customer satisfaction.

Innovative Solutions

pudo, the smart parcel network technology works in collaboration with e-commerce sites, corporate brands, and cargo courier companies based on the innovative solutions it offers.

Customer Satisfaction

pudo creates solutions that will ensure customer satisfaction in accordance with universal ethical rules. It maintains flexible delivery operation thanks to its smart parcel network and personalised order planning.

Quality Management

pudo's corporate culture ensures effective quality management through an experienced and competent team.

Environmentally Friendly Technology

pudo; offers solutions that reduce environmental pollution with technology support. pudo develops methods that reduce vehicle usage and therefore carbon emissions with its ecological approach. It maintains its delivery process in accordance with principles that respect nature.