By bringing together parcel delivery addresses and operations to a single point, pudo helps reduce courier traffic and the associated environmental impact of the delivery process, making the environment greener, bluer, cleaner and therefore more livable!

It is very important to carry out an effective fight against environmental pollution for a better future. In particular exhaust gas has a serious role in climate change, as every 1 liter of fuel consumes 200 liters of oxygen. According to the data of the International Energy Agency, 25% of CO2 emissions originate from the transportation sector. The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) states that the rate of freight transportation processes to the average kilometer in urban vehicle usage is 40%, and the rate of freight vehicles is between 20-22% during peak hours. For this reason, pudo, which collects delivery addresses and operations in a single point, not only reduces costs; but it also offers you an environmentally friendly way of working.

Through pudo

The smart parcel network, power consumption is reduced.
With pudo delivery, CO2 emissions are reduced.
The common parcel locker, fuel consumption is reduced.
By the common location, urban traffic is reduced.