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Our Customer Service and support team will assist you with any questions or issues. You can scroll the page for Frequently Asked Questions.

1. How can I find the nearest pudoBOX?

You can view the nearest pudoBOX from the "pudo" application you download from IOS / Andorid compatible electronic media sales platforms or on our website pudo.com.tr.

2. How can I forward my order to pudoBOX?

You can pick up your shipment from pudoBOX whenever you want by selecting pudoBOX as the delivery address while performing the shipment editing process on the corporate e-commerce pages we have agreements with.

3. Until what time can I receive a shipment from pudoBOX?

You can receive your shipment from pudoBOX 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

4. How can I receive my shipment from pudoBOX?

You can read the QR code sent via SMS with a QR reader or you can receive your shipment by logging in to the pudoBOX screen with the password information contained in the SMS.

5. When can I receive my shipment from pudoBOX?

When your post is left to pudoBOX, you will be sent time information via SMS. After you receive the shipping information, you can track the shipment through the pudo application or the website. You must receive your shipment within the time specified in the SMS.

6. What should I do if I do not receive my shipment within the time specified in the SMS?

If your shipment is not received within the specified time, it is taken as a return by the company you are the recipient of. You can track your shipment status by contacting the company you shop with.

7. I accidentally deleted the code sent to me to open pudoBOX . What can I do?

You can follow the relevant directions by pressing the forgot password button on pudoBOX, or you can notify us by calling our customer service line at 0850 240 0 240 for smart delivery system password changes.

8. Where can I track the messages I have sent and/or received so far?

The tracking system can be easily performed over the phone. By downloading the IOS and Android compatible “pudo” application to your phone, you can track all your posts on your profile page or website specially prepared for you.

9. Can someone else pick up my shipment?

You can log in to pudoBOX with the QR code or password sent to you via SMS. If you want to share the password information, the person who will receive your shipment must select "Change Recipient Information" on the pudoBOX and enter the TR ID number for the smart delivery system verification process.

10. pudoBOX does not open. What should I do?

After receiving the open lid warning 2 times on the pudoBOX, the report fault button is activated. In case of malfunctions such as opening the smart delivery system or closing the smart delivery system, we are notified with the report malfunction button. The problem is resolved quickly by the center and you are informed.

11. We want to put pudoBOX in the site we live in. Who can we talk to about our request?

You can submit your request by filling out the application form on the website or by calling the customer service at 0850 240 0 240.

12. What are the advantages of pudo application?

With the user interface of the pudo application, you can experience the physical mailbox, perform shipment tracking, add other pudoBOX users, and take advantage of special offers and advantages. Pudo is also the choice to save time and obtain environmentally friendly solutions.